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  • baddie lashes
  • baddie lashes
  • baddie lashes
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Our luxury faux mink lashes in the style Baddie enhance your look by adding volume, length and wow! factor for those who love a dramatic lash. 

Our faux lashes are made from silk and have a firm but flexible lash band for easy application. 

Baddie lashes are crafted from high quality Korean silk. They are designed to have the same soft, full appearance as mink lashes but are 100% synthetic and cruelty free!

Baddie lashes can be reused approximately 10-15 times (see Instructions and Aftercare below for more information).





1. Remove the lashes gently from their packaging. 

2. Measure against your eye and trim if required. 

3. Apply a quality glue to the lash band (DUO & Ardell are recommended).

4. WAIT until the glue is almost dry. 

5. Place onto your lash line (in the middle).

6. Place inner and outer corner down. 

7. Allow to dry 


Removal & Aftercare:

1. Use micellar water on a cotton pad and hold to your closed eye to break down the glue. 

2. Remove your lashes. 

3. Rub the lash line of the lashes to remove any excess glue.

4. Place the lashes back onto their plastic packaging and back into their box. 


Reuse. Reuse. Reuse!

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